Thomas Mani inspecting a hive

Thomas Mani inspecting a hive

Are you one of the many people who are concerned about the welfare of the honeybee and would like to contribute to improve the situation without becoming beekeepers yourselves? Would you also like to have all the benefits from having bees: bountiful harvest of high quality crops from garden and orchard, harvest healthy and nutritious honey and bee pollen, and have the possibility to observe and learn from an amazing creature? We from Bee Forever Apiary have a solution for you: BEEKEEPER FOR HIRE. We install hives and take care of them on your property.

Here is how it works:
Installation of bee hives
Bee Forever Apiary and the client work together to find the best location for the bee hives. The bees prefer a sunny, dry and wind protected spot. After signing an agreement and receiving the payment for the installation of the hives, Bee Forever Apiary orders all the equipment and bees for the desired number of hives. All hive equipment is assembled and painted. Upon arrival of the bees usually beginning May, Bee Forever Apiary installs the desired numbers of bee hives on individual stands.

One hive includes one colony of bees with a queen and the following equipment :

1 bottom board, 2 deep hive bodies with 10 wood frames and foundations each, 1 lid, 1 frame feeder, a winter set consisting of an inner cover, a spacer box with insulation pad and a second lid.
Price per hive: $420.00. A honey super may be needed later in the season and can be purchased for $60. Sales tax is added where applicable.

Maintenance of bee hives
a) The bees are cared for on regular visits, usually every 21 to 28 days. The frequency of the visits is determined by the standard management practice of beekeeping or by occurrence of observed events that request immediate actions. For one or two hives most visits will not last longer than one hour.

b) Each visit to check on the bees will be reimbursed with a fee that is determined by the number of hives and the driving distance for a round trip between the location of Bee Forever Apiary (16100 Lemuria Lane SE in Yelm WA 98597) and the client’s location. The fee per visit for each distance category applies for 1 or 2 hives and are as follows:
Cat 1 (0-10mi) $25, Cat 2 (11-22mi) $30, Cat 3 (23-34mi) $35, Cat 4 (35-46 mi) $40,  Cat 5 (47-60 mi) $50, Cat 6 (61-74 mi) $60, Cat 7 (75-88 mi) $70, Cat 8 (89-102 mi) $80.

For 3 to 5 hives the next higher up category applies. For more than 5 hives a special arrangement will be made

c) Additional costs for feeding and medication may vary greatly with the weather and other circumstances.

d) Bee Forever Apiary issues a monthly or bimonthly report and emails it together with an invoice to the client. WA sales tax applies to all fees with a percentage that is determined by the location of the property.

The option to participate
The client may choose to participate and benefit from one to one lessons in beekeeping in a private environment. Personal safety equipment needs to be purchased separately.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment please call us at (360)894-6038 or contact us at