Beekeeper for Hire Services

Are you one of the many people who are concerned about the welfare of the honeybee and would like to contribute to improve the situation without becoming beekeepers yourselves? Would you also like to have all the benefits from having bees, such as:

  • bountiful harvest of high quality crops from garden and orchard
  • harvest healthy and nutritious honey and bee pollen
  • the ability to observe and learn from an amazing creature

We have solutions! Pick the service that works best for you, depending upon the amount of time and energy you can commit.

  1. Contracting We install hives and take care of them on your property. This option is best for people who have limited time and enough space where they live for hives.

“I was traveling and I was so busy that I didn’t have time to deal with the maintenance part of the bees. It is well worth the money and the time that it takes. Thomas would come by and if there was a problem, we would talk about it. He continually educates. When something comes up, doesn’t just take care of it, he helps you to understand it.” – Margo Mansfield, client

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  1. Consulting. You tend to your hives and we provide consultations. This option is best for people with the time, energy and commitment to care for hives but who may want assistance or advice from time to time, particularly if they encounter a problem.

“I hired Thomas to help me find the best location for my beehive. You have to find a spot that meets all the requirements, and is not too windy. There are certain regulations. He had that expertise.I also had him come out the first time I needed help with replacing a queen. I call him and ask questions. He’s been very gracious about providing information about how to look after them.”  – Megan Lane, client

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  1. Sponsor A Bee Hive is our newest service targeting businesses with a ecological friendly profile. It offers the possibility for companies to invest in one or more bee hives and therefore help to establish or maintain an sustainable bee population in our communities.

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  1. Extracting (Cut-out) a Honey Bee Colonies From a Buildings
    Hire us to extract an established honey bee colony from a building. Minimum charge is $50 which includes the first hour of traveling and work. Every additional hour costs $25.00.
Cut out of bee colonies is not a free service

Cut out of bee colonies is not a free service