Local Bee Pollen from the Bald Hills in Yelm WA , near Olympia, Lacey in Washington

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Bee Forever Apiary Bee Pollen Label

Bee Forever Apiary Bee Pollen Label

Our Air-dried Bee Pollen
Bee Pollen from the Bald Hills area are delicious. Rich in proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins, and trace minerals, bee pollen is a very valuable food supplement. Our pollen is harvested from our hives right here in the Bald Hills, a rural and unpolluted area. Every flower has its distinct pollen color and characteristics. The more variety in colors the more valuable the pollen is. Keep the pollen in the freezer or the fridge if it is not consumed rapidly. We offer the pollen in glass pint jar, ziplock bag or for long term storage vacuum packed.

1 Glass Pint Jar with 8 oz of bee pollen. Price $17.95
1 Ziploc bag contains 1 lb of bee pollen. Price $32.00

Order through email at or call (360)894-6038

For more information about bee pollen see this page:Pollen Info

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