Welcome to Bee4Ever Apiary

Bee4Ever Apiary provides unique beekeeping services and swarm removal to Yelm, Rainier, Tenino, Roy, Mckenna, Eatonville and areas near Olympia and Lacey.

Whether you need a swarm removed, want to fight seasonal allergies, enjoy local raw honey or want to begin beekeeping yourself, we can help.

Since 2007, we’ve been benefitting people and bees throughout the region through our beekeeper for hire service.  What we do:

Swarm Removal  – If you live locally and have an outdoor swarm, contact us and we will remove it for free. Learn More

Fight Seasonal Allergies – Our locally produced bee pollen and raw honey can help your body  get in tune with local flora, making the Pacific Northwest spring and summer a joy instead of an ordeal. Learn More

Beekeeper for Hire – If you want to become a beekeeper yourself or just keep bees on your property and let us take care of maintenance and honey extraction, we can provide the service and training you need. Learn More  

Raw Local Honey – Our products are locally produced right here in the Bald Hills region outside of Yelm and are raw, pure, unprocessed and undiluted. Learn More

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