This blog is about honey bees, beekeeping. our services, and theĀ  products from our hives.

This website contains detailed information about honey and bee pollen. Click on Honey Info and Pollen Info to find out more.

Furthermore, as a result of all the teaching activities a need for additional support for active beekeepers was recognized and a consultation service was initiated. Click on consultations for more information.

We also met people who wanted to have bees on their property and benefit from the pollination but chose not to do the work themselves. Here is where the beekeeper for hire comes in. Click on contracting to see what we are offering.

Sponsor A Bee Hive is our newest service targeting businesses with a ecological friendly profile. It offers the possibility for companies to invest in one or more bee hives and therefore help to establish or maintain an sustainable bee population in our communities. Click here for detailed information.

Is it your desire to help the bees by planting Bee Friendly Plants. Click here for more information.