Local, Raw & Rare Maple Honey from Yelm WA, near Olympia, Lacey in Washington

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Our Raw Maple Honey, a Sensational Rarity in the Pacific Northwest
Bee Forever Apiary operates in the Bald Hills near Yelm, WA. A Maple nectar flow is a rare event in our rural and unpolluted area. The last time our bees harvested a surplus was in 2003…Three factors need to be subtly orchestrated: the blooming stage of the maple tree, the weather conditions with frost and not too much precipitation, and the colony strength of the bee hives. In April 2013, 6 of our hives were ready to collect the nectar and fill the honey supers. The result is a honey of light golden greenish color, very aromatic and with a special delicious taste. You will not forget this honey! Maple Honey, made by the honey bees from nectar out of the Maple blossoms, is not to be confused with Maple syrup, man-made from the sap by cutting through the bark.

Our honey is raw, pure and unprocessed from the wildflowers around us. What does that mean?
1) No heating is applied during the extraction and bottling process and therefore, all the valuable ingredients like enzymes remain intact.
2) Our honey is only strained but not filtered or ultra filtered which would remove small particles like pollen. The pollen content of a honey is like the fingerprint of humans. Pollen analysis of honey reveals its origin. Ultra filtered honey loses its “fingerprint” opening the door widely for cheating or adulterating the honey.
3) Our raw honey is NOT diluted with water or corn syrup. The water content is below 18%, so the honey can be stored for a long period of time in a cool, dry and dark place. Eventually our honey will crystallize into a fine creamy texture that maintains its full quality. If you prefer the honey to be liquid simply heat the jar in a water bath with max. temperature of 105 F.

1 pint glass jar contains 22 oz of honey. Price $18.00.

Order through email at or call (360)894-6038. Shipping available.

More general information about honey see this page: Honey Info

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