More Learnings from Warre Beekeeping

March 10th, 2011 | No Comments

6) The mosquito screen is not suitable for the quilt. Ants, earwigs and the bees chewed throughg it very quickly. A fine hardware cloth is doing a better job.
7) Mice or some othe criters totally dismantled the glassfiber insulation pad in the roof. The only thing left was the paper. Therefore, all openings in the roof were secured with a piece of hardware cloth after renewing the pad.
8.) In fall/winter the shavings became pretty wet after a while. The board from the roof that sits on top of the quilt was also very wet. The roof and the shavings needed to be exchanged twice so far.
9) It is advisable to have an extra burlap cover before putting on the quilt. The quilt can be removed much easier.
10) My bees were very reluctant to move downwards into the second box. Only after providing some pieces of wax combs they started bulding and filling the second box. The same thing happened with the third box. However, some of the comb pieces fell off and it was getting late in summer so the third box remained basically untouched.

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