Carbon 60 (C60 Buckminster Fullerene): A Powerful Antioxidant Prolonging Life Span In Test Animals: A Good Start to Bee Forever!

Carbon 60 (C60 Buckminster Fullerene) has proven to be a powerful antioxidant or free radical scavenger, reducing oxidative stress in the body, hence prolonging life span in test animals. (Original Study: ).

We from Bee Forever have decided to produce C60 oil for ourselves, after testing several different C60 products and experiencing quite different results, depending on the quality level of each product. Based on Thomas’s education in chemistry and laboratory experiences in working with carbon, the first batch was quickly under way.

We produce our C60 oils in a similar way as it has been done in the original experiment. We mix the C60 with the appropriate amount of vegetable oil (Olive Oil, Avocado oil, Sunflower Oil or Medium Chain Triglycerides MCT Coconut Oil) and stir it with a magnetic stirrer in total darkness for 14 days. Each batch is absolutely fresh; the carbon 60 is 99.95% or even 99.99% pure (no cheaper and lower purity here, which you can find sometimes online). We buy our C60 from the same reputable source in the US that provided it for the original toxicity study mentioned above.

The quality of the oils is also important, because you want it as little processed and exposed to the light as possible. We get our Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil (EVOO) from a single estate in Greece, which means the day the olives get picked, they get immediately processed on site (superior category olive oil obtained directly and solely by mechanical means-cold extraction)

For people who do not like Olive Oil, we also provide C60 in certified GMO free Avocado Oil, certified organic Sunflower Oil, and certified organic MCT Coconut Oil. The Sunflower oil is tasteless and exhibits most visibly the beautiful purple color of the mixture.

Our C60 oils come in 60 ml blue glass bottles; we barely have anything sitting on the shelves. Sometimes a few days of waiting are required till the next batch is ready, but we are working on it to fill the demand in a timely manner.

Please understand that our C60 oils are not FDA approved and therefore not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition, nor make or imply any health claims. The bottles are labelled with: “For Research Use Only”. It is your choice and responsibility to live a longer and healthier life with the help of our C60 products!

Find more information about the unique characteristics of C60 here:

Our C60 oils come in 60 ml ( 2.2 oz) or 8oz blue bottles and are priced as follows:

60 ml bottles (contains 47mg C60): $29 (99.95%) and $34 (99.99%)

8oz bottles (contains 188mg C60: $108 (99.95%) and $128 (99.99%)

For sales in Washington State please add 7.9% sales tax.

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Karla and Thomas